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The draft portals of the University of Damanhur service established sites faculty where This service enables a faculty member can create site of its own to offer him all his lectures and dates and everything related article subjects taught by and what he wants to inform students doing this in addition to itsCV and personal and scientific research. This service allows a faculty member in the form of site control, change and modify existing lists and change their content and also allows the possibility of work and library as well as the lifting of various data. Enter the number of national press confirm Will show you the password In case you do not see your data, please send us your name and national number on the e-mail portal@damanhour.edu.eg

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Staff Member Websites Records ( 1014 )
Staff Member WebsitesCollege
Ebaid Abdel Atty SalehFaculty Of Vaterinary Medicine
Osama Elsayed Mahrous elHendawyFaculty Of Vaterinary Medicine
Dr. Atef Mohamed Khedr Nassar 
Elhamy Aly Abdelaziz Tarabees 
Medhat Abdel Naeem Shakir SaidFaculty Of science
Abdul Rahman Abdul Sattar Elsayed Abu RawashFaculty Of Vaterinary Medicine
Prof. Dr Adel Alsaed ElbannaFaculty Of education
Asmaa Abdel Samie Mohamed IsmailFaculty Of education
elHusseiny Mansour elwanFaculty Of education
Ibrahim Tawfiq Mahmoud GhaziFaculty Of education
Mustafa Mohammed Mustafa Abdel powersFaculty Of education
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed elkirshFaculty Of education
Mohamed Ismail Abdul Nabi BilalFaculty Of commerce
Eman Attia Ali NassefFaculty Of commerce
Hesham Mohamed Ahmed EmaraFaculty Of commerce
Hanaa Abdullah Mohammed AbdullahFaculty Of education
Farouk Khalifa Abu Zeid MustafaFaculty Of education
Hala Mohamed Ghalib TulaimatFaculty Of education
Ali Abdel Azim Ali SalamFaculty Of education
Sherin Fathy Mahmoud elFakharanyFaculty Of education

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