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          At the beginning there was Damanhur branch only, following to Alexandria University. This



branch aimed to, and tried hard for this goal, to complete the necessary elements for



constructingDamanhur University on scientific and economic bases by adopting the idea of



unified scientific departments. It hasalso adopted the economical administration of the



University by adding new faculties. This branch contained, for more than 25 years, only four



faculties (Education, Agriculture, Arts and Commerce), and then the presidential decrees added



three more faculties (Sciences, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine). In addition, the decrees of



University Council have added new branches for some faculties such as; Pharmacy,



Kindergarten and Law, starting from the AcademicYear 2007/2008.






Faculty of education  opened in the Academic Year 1979/1980, and then the presidential



decree  no. 507/1988 was issued providing for establishing branch of Damanhur.




Faculty of agriculture has started in the Academic year1983/1984, and then became



independent according to the presidential decree  no.50/1988.



Faculty of arts was established in Damanhur in 1984 as an extension for faculty of arts,



University of Alexandria, until issuing the presidential decree 507/1988 providing for its







Faculty of agriculture was established  in Damanhur according to The presidential decree



no. 507/1988.




The presidential decree 507/1988 was issued providing for establishing the faculty of



commerce in Damanhur.




Faculty of sciences was established according to the presidential decree 87/2007.




Faculty of kindergarten, University of Alexandria, Damanhur branch, was opened in the



Academic year 2008/2009.



The presidential decree 87/2007 was issued providing for establishing the faculty of 



veterinary medicine, University of Alexandria, branch of Damanhur.



The University Council in Alexandria, in its session held in September 2008, has agreed 



onopening branches for the faculties of pharmacy and kindergarten in Damanhur.






              Finally, the ex-president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has issued a presidential decree in



26/10/2010 providing for establishing University of Damanhur. This decree states separation



fromthe branch of Alexandria University in Damanhour and assigning the faculties of the



separatedbranch to be Damanhur University, whereas the decree demands that the University



contains 12 faculties; arts, commerce, agriculture, education, nursing, sciences, veterinary



medicine, pharmacy, kindergarten, medicine and engineering.





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