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Elbeheira governorate occupies the top position of land among all

Egyptian governorates; it is about 9122 square kilometers, and the

population is 5,000,000 people. High Education in the governorate

is almost 13 % at the age of (18-23), while the proportion of high

education all over Egypt is 28 % with the aim of reaching 50% in

2020. That's why the University role appears to be very important

to promote the community of Elbeheira; it is the backbone of

sustainable development of this governorate due to the annually

increasing numbers of the high school graduates which have

exceeded 20.000 students. Moreover, the students' numbers in the

faculties of Damanhour University have been more than 21.000

students for the academic year 2012-2013, and the graduate

studies students' numbers have exceeded 3000 students and


hence the number of students of the university is more than 20.000 students.

That shows the importance of Damnhour University. It is not only


necessary to expand and vary the established colleges to be

appropriate to the development plans of all development sectors in

Elbeheira, but also to achieve cooperation between the university

and different institutions in Elbeheira through linking the scientific

research to the needs of the labor market and community. Also, it

is required to work on doing a scheme of different advisory

services in coordination with the governorate administrations and

the institutions of civil community, businessmen associations,

Elbeheira chamber of commerce; in order to access to the

contemporary concept of the supportive and motivative role of

University to contribute to the skill and knowledge competencies

that must be achieved in the whole Egypt, especially in North Delta

and Elbeheira.

Developmentally, the role of Damnhour University is to contribute

in meeting the needs of different development and production

sectors. Strategically, it contributes in developing Elbuhaira. That's

why the university requires a strategy.





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