Monday, 26 October 2020


Prof. Dr. / Karoleen Brakat



Dean’s welcome

These days, the world witnesses massive and unprecedented development in domains of science, technology, space exploration, discovering natural wealth, information evolution, computer sciences, Molecular Biology, genetic engineering, environmental sciences, remote sensing and so many other domains of science. That’s why; faculty of science in Damanhur was obligated take procedures and to adopt necessary policies to convoy this massive and rabid scientific development in order to be able scientific cadres who are able to understand latest technology and to satisfy demands of local, regional and international markets. Seeking for international academic levels and for obtaining the international authorization, the faculty has chosen Credit hours system to be the schooling system in bachelor’s degree and in high studies. This system provides the opportunity to convoy the massive development in all domains of science. In addition, the faculty has innovated some new specializations in order to satisfy demands of labor market in local and regional establishments. The faculty has also made a strategic plan for developing scientific researches in order to have positive outcomes in the domain of community service and developing environment. The faculty participates in several research projects for developing research funded form inside and outside.







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