Vision and message












   Occupying a leading position among the Egyptian Universities and competing with the international

universities through improving university work according to the international criteria .


        Damanhour University is a competitive institution in the domain of learning and pure scientific

research which aims to build a learning society and to create knowledge.



·       Electronic University

·       Economical administration

·       University = experience house

·       Unlimited University

·       Founding new faculties

·       Strategic plan and its executive plan using B.S.C

·       Placing the University on the national and international map of quality guarantee and accreditation

·       Developing the organizational structure of the University

·       Developing the educational process

·       Managing developing projects

·       Serving and developing community

·       Media support

·       Remote learning

·       Teaching languages

·       Technological learning and managing

·       Faculty and leadership development

·       Exchanging learning

·       Developing the organizational structures of scientific departments

·       Reconstructing internal regulations of faculties




            The University seeks to achieve its message through these strategic goals;

·       Self-evaluation and continuous development of studying programs for license and bachelor’s degree and also for high studies satisfying beneficiaries of education and students section.

·       Developing the students’ activities and the methods of presenting students’ educational services and care.

·       Developing the resources of self-financing and financial surpluses.

·       Innovating special educational programs in order to raise quality of graduates and to satisfy demands of the age and labor market

·       Benefiting available potential abilities of the university in order to guarantee the continuous development of quality of graduates and their professional performance

·       Benefiting available potential abilities of the university in order to guarantee the continuous development of skills of teaching board members, their assistants and the administrative level of the university

·       Trying to attract high studies’ students from Arabic and foreign countries

·       Establishing specialized training centers to offer training services in all domains

·       Trying to create the environment which helps creation and to deepen culture of citizenship

·       Contributing recognizing the existing problems of the society, diagnosing them and trying to solve them

·       Contributing raising cultural level of the habitants of the governorate and Egypt




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