• White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow was established in Damanhour in 1984
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow50 Kms in the west
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowcontributes in community service & developing environment
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowdonnats scientific degrees (Diploma, Master & Ph.D.)
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowholds training sessions for workers
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowsimester is 15 weeks

Quick News



Firstly: Administration

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Saad- Alla == Dean

Prof. Dr. Hamed Morsi Zeina == Vice-Dean for community service and developing environment

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Kader Al-Awa == Vice-Dean for higher studiea

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed El-Kawarani == Vice Dean for learning, students and researches

Secondly: Communication

E-mail: fac.agric-dam@hotmail.com

Postal address: Al-Behira, Damanhour, Al-Gomhuria St.

P. B: 22516

Fax: 0453316535

Tel.: 0453318537

Thirdly: Abstract

The faculty of agriculture, one of the faculties of Damanhur University, was established in 1984 to serve Al-Behira governorate educationally and also to present technical services and consultations in its domain to corporations and farmers besides graduating bachelor, diploma, master and Ph.D. carriers in all the agricultural domains and contributing community service and developing environment. The faculty of agriculture in Damanhur contains the educational buildings in Damanhur and Al-Bostan and the agro-researches tower.

Fourthly: Goals

1-    Donating Bachelor's degree in agro-sciences

2-    Holding training in the favor of all workers in the agricultural domains in Al-Behira

3-    Donating the scientific degrees (diploma, Master& Ph.D.)

4-    Exchanging experiences and information with Egyptian, Arabic and international agricultural institutions

5-    Contributing developing and modernizing agricultural thought and practice through community serving and developing environment

6-    Presenting technical consultations and making scientific recommendation through bulletins and scientific conferences about the problems of the hour

Fifthly: educational system in Bachelor

The faculty has eight departments which study the advanced curriculums into the following frame:

1-    Two semesters system

2-    The semester is 15 weeks

3-    Humanities are included

4-    Developed curriculums to match the hour

5-    Ensuring the applicant perspectives

Sixthly: higher studies & researches

The accepted scholars:












The degrees donated:











Seventhly: community service

The faculty has established the producing and marketing agro-services unit which aims to:

-         Help the University achieving its message in learning, training or research

-         Do studies aiming to solve the problems of the community in the agricultural domains

-         Enhance the cultural and scientific bonds with the other universities and scientific institutions

-         Produce and market crops ……. More

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