Haidy Atef Abass Moustafa(PHD)

Lecturer in pharmaceutics


Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Cairo University

Cairo , Egypt



Master of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Caro university

Cairo, Egypt



Bachelor of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Ain Shams university

Cairo , Egypt



Thanaweya Amma, Science Major


Kuwait, Kuwait






Twelve years expert in teaching and research


Professional Career Experience



























Professional Career Experience








Augest 2016

Damanhour University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Job Lecturer in pharmaceutics

Teaching and assisting in the delivery of academic education courses for undergraduates and postgraduate students , the courses include:

Pharmaceutics III

Pharmaceutics IV

Advanced drug delivery systems


Sept. 2014-Augest 2016

OctoberUniversityFor Modern Sciences & Arts  (MSA)

Faculty of pharmacy

Job Lecturer in pharmaceutics


Teaching and assisting in the delivery of academic education courses for undergraduates, the courses include:

§  Cosmetics PT 401

§  Industrial II PT 412

§  Legislation of pHarmacy law PT 331

§  Dosage Form 2



In addition, I’m involved in several administrative, academic, and cultural activities in the University, include:

§  Training Commity

§  Field trip commity






Nov 2002 till Oct 2006  

 - Used to Work as teaching assistant in Misr international University (MIU)


Nov 2006 till October 2009

 used to work as - assistant lecturer in pharmaceutical technology department in German University in Cairo (GUC)


November 2009 till August 2014 working as Lecturer in pharmaceutical Technology department in German University in Cairo.

September 2014 till August 2016 lecturer in pharmaceutics department in MSA university


August 2016 till now lecturer in pharmaceutics department Damanhour university



1-Now I am running my post doc with Prof.Bodmier  in Freie University Berlin from June 2012 till now during summer vaccations through DAAD Funds.

2-And also post doc with Prof.Mont in Tech University  Berlin from November 2013 till now during summer vaccations through DAAD Funds .

Co-supervisor for Three master thesis in German university in Cairo entitled:


1-Isolation of anticancer prototype from Marine organism and semi synthesis of its more potent hydroxylated derivative with preparation and in vitro evaluation of its Bioadhesive Topical Gel.


 Supervisor Prof.Nazih Nour El din and master Student Mina Yousef Ghaly


2-Preparation and Evaluation of Metoclopromide Solid lipid Nanoparticles.


Supervisor Prof.Mohamed Attia and Prof.Ola Heikel Master Student Radwa Abdelmeiem.


3-preparation and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Tramadol Transdermal Patches


Supervisor Prof.Mohamed Attia and Master Student Marian Nader.


4- Co supervisor in Master thesis titled:

siRNA-delivery to Huh7 (or HepG2) cell line using glycyrrhizin-modified chitosan nanoparticles.  With Ass.Prof.Khaled Abo Aisha and Dr.Rania Hathout



Ph.D. Study



-PHD in Pharmaceutics in thesis entitled A Biopharmaceutics Study of Certain Antimicrobial Vaginal Bioadhesive Dosage  From Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University Oct 2009.





master Study


Master in Pharmaceutics in thesis entitled Biopharmaceutical study on Citalopram  From Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University Nov 2006


Published Papers

1-Haidy.A.Abass,Ahmed AbdelBary and Nagwa Sabri“Determination of possible interactions of citalopram hydrobromide  with Different Excipient” was oral presentation and Abstract was Published in Abstract book of 26th African Health Science congress November 28th - December 1st 2005 Ain Shoukna ,Egypt .


2-Haidy.A.Abass,Ahmed AbdelBary and Nagwa Sabri“Determination of possible interactions of citalopram hydrobromide with Different Excipient “Full research was published in The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine Volume 34 Number 2 February 2006.


3-Haidy.A.Abass,Ahmed AbdelBary and Nagwa Sabri“Investigation of The Polymorphic Forms of Citalopram Hydrobromide”  Poster presentation in the third international conference Egyptian Society for Enviromental Sciences Ismailia,Egypt 8-9 July.


4-Haidy.A.Abass and Ahmed AbdelBary“Formulation and In –vitro Evaluation of Metronidazole Bioadhesive Vaginal Tablet”, by poster presentation and the abstract was published in Biovision Alixandria Conference 12-15 April 2010.


5-Haidy.A.Abass and Ahmed AbdelBary “Biopharmaceutic Study on Metronidazole bioadhesive Vaginal Gel” Poster presentation in 70th FIP Congress In Lisbon 28th Augest- 2nd  September 2010 the abstract was published in the Abstract book.


6-Haidy.A.Abassand Ahmed AbdelBary “Formulation and Evaluation of  Metronidazole Bioadhesive Vaginal Suppositories “research has been published in International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science  Vol 4, Issue 1 Jan.2012and is available online at www.ijppsjournal.com/contents.htm.


7-Haidy.A.Abassand Rabab Kamel “Self-assembled carbohydrate hydrogels for prolonged pain management” International Journal of Pharmaceutical Development and Technology pages 1-5.(posted online 27-9-2011).


8-Haidy.A.Abass,Ahmed AbdelBary and Nagwa Sabri“Pharmacokinetics study of different dosage forms of citalopram hydrobromide” .From 20-22 Dec 2011 Attendance and poster presentation in Egyptian pharmaceutical Society XXXII


9-Haidy A.Abass,Mina Ghaly,Nazih Nour “In vitro and in vivo evaluation of sarcodiol (sarcophine hydroxylated derivative) anticancer bioadhesive topical gel”at the EAACI 2012 Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Geneva, Switzerland 16-20 June 2012


 10 -Haidy A.Abass1, Ahmed A.El Bary2, Nagwa A. Sabri3 “Biopharmaceutics Study on Citalopram Hydrobromide Rapidly Dispersible Tablet” Humboldt Kolleg “Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Therapies” Conference Poster presentation 28 September – 1 October, 2012 German University in Cairo


11-Radwa A. Mohameda, Haidy A. Abassa, Mohamed A. Attiac and Ola A. Heikalb Formulation and evaluation of metoclopramide solid lipid nanoparticles for rectal suppository International Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology   Impact Factor: 2.033 (Posted online in June  2013)


12-Haidy Abass,Marian Nader,Mohamed Attis “prepapation and evaluation of tramadol transdermal patch” ,Poster presentation in Zurich July 2013 World Academy of Science ,Engineering and Technology congress in the international conference of pharmaceutical technology from 29-7-2013 till 31-7-2013.


13-Haidy Abass,Rabab Kamel Metronidazole and fluconazole beads for mixed vaginal infection International Journal of Pharmaceutical Development and Technology in process march 2014.

14-Haidy Abass,Nagwa Sabri  Clinical pharmacokinetic study on new formulations of Citalopram .Clinical journal of  medicine .in process May 2014


15- Formulation and  Evaluation of in Situ Forming polymeric Drug Delivery Systems for mixed vaginal infection Abass H.A.1 Rabab Kamel 2 Accepted in 17-June 2014

British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

16-DESIGN AND EVALUATION OF FAST DISSOLVING ORO-DISPERSIBLE FILMS OF METOCLOPRAMIDE HYDROCHLORIDE USING 32 MULTIFACTORIAL DESIGNS international journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.volume 8,issue 7 Ghada Ihab Yassin and Haidy Atef. 2016.



CHARACTERIZATION AND IN VITRO EVALUATION Indian Streams Research Journal1, Reham I. Amer, Haidy Atef and Karimo A. Taha

Volume - 6 | Issue - 3 | April - 2016


Attended Training Courses






Special Skills

In this section, you should include your acquired skills in the fields of management, marketing, computer, etc.


Managerial Skills

§  Time Management

§  Presentation & Communication


Computer Skills

§  Efficiency in using Windows 2000.

§  Efficiency in using Windows 2000.

§  Efficiency in using Windows 2000.

§  Efficiency in using Windows 2000.



§  Native speaker of Arabic

§  Fluent in English


Personal Data

Date of Birth           September 23th, 1980

Place of Birth          Kuwait

Nationality              Egyptian



§  Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Bary

Prof.of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy

CairoUniversity, Cairo-Egypt


§  Dr. Nagwa Sabri

Ass.Prof.of clinical pharmacy

CairoUniversity, Cairo-Egypt




Furnished upon request







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