Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data


Name             : Manal Abd El-Wahed Hassan El-Sheikh.

     Sex                 : Female.

     Date of birth: 05/3/1987.

     Place of birth: Dammam –Saudi Arabia.

     Religion: Moslem.

     Nationality: Egyptian.

            Email address:,

     Mobile phone:  (+2) 01002766462

     Home address: 29 El Fardos St., Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt.   


Work Experience

1-      Present post: Lecturer of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damanhour University, Egypt.

2-   August 2012 – August 2017: Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damanhour University, Egypt.

3-      September 2010 – July 2012: Demonstrator at the Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damanhour University, Egypt.



1.      PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics, Alexandria University, Egypt, 2017. Thesis Title: “Employment of Cell Culture Technique in Development and Assessment of Selected Drug Delivery Systems”.

2.      M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutics, Alexandria University, Egypt, 2012. Thesis Title: “Nanocarriers as Promising Approach in Pharmaceutical Products Development”

3.      B. Pharm. grade “Distinction, Honor”, 2009 (University of Alexandria) , 2009.


Pharmaceutical Industrial Activity


Satisfactory completion of Pharmaceutical manufacturing practising program from 20/7/2008 to 27/7/2008 in European Egyptian Pharm. Ind (EEPI) in the field of production, quality control, quality assurance, engineering and warehousing.


Language qualifications


English Fluent (National TOEFL score 560 out of 680)

Arabic: Mother tongue.


Training programs     


· Satisfactory completion of the following programs in Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC), Alexandria:


1.            Quality Standards in The Education Process (September 2010)

2.            The Credit Hour System (August 2010)

3.            Effective Presentation Skills (April 2012)

4.            Research Ethics (April 2012)

5.            Quality Standards in The Teaching Process (September 2012)

6.            Research Methods (September 2012)

7.            Time and Meeting Management (September 2013)

8.            Competitive Research Projects (September 2013)

9.            Organizing Scientific Conferences (September 2013)

10.        University Legal and Financial Aspects (September 2013)

11.        Student Evaluation and Examination Techniques (September 2013)

12.        Use of Technology In Teaching (September 2013)


· Satisfactory completion of "Basic Statistical Techniques Using SPSS" held in February 2012 at the Medical Technology Center, Alexandria.


Workshops and conferences


  1. Workshop on characterization of nanoparticles using dynamic light scattering; Malvern cooperation, material characterization (October 2010) faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria, Egypt
  2. Participating in a poster and abstract in the international conference on pharmaceutical technologies FUA held in February 2012 at the Future University, Cairo, Egypt.
  3. A workshop entitled "Hands on: Basic Techniques in Cell Culture and Stem Cell Research" held at the Medical Technology Center in March 2013.
  4. An attendee in BioVision Alexandria 2016 Conference: New life science: The road ahead, held at Bibliotheca Alexandria 12-14 April 2016.






1.      Manal A. Elsheikh*, Yosra S.R. Elnaggar, Eman Y. Gohar, Ossama Y.Abdallah . Impact of Nanomedicine on the In-vitro and In-vivo Characteristics of Raloxifene Hydrochloride. An abstract and poster presentation at the FUA International Conference on Pharmaceutical Technologies, Future University, Cairo, Egypt (9 February 2012).


2.      Manal A. Elsheikh, Yosra S.R. Elnaggar*, Eman Y. Gohar,  Ossama Y.Abdallah. Nanoemulsion Liquid-preconcentrates for Raloxifene Hydrochloride: Optimization and In-vivo Appraisal. International journal of nanomedicine 2012:7 3787–3802 (2012).


3.      Manal A Elsheikh, Yosra SR Elnaggar*, Ossama Y Abdallah. Rationale employment of cell culture versus conventional techniques in pharmaceutical appraisal of nanocarriers. Journal of Controlled Release. (2014)


4.      Manal A Elsheikh, Yosra S.R. Elnaggar*, Dalia A. Hamdy, Ossama Y. Abdallah. Novel cremochylomicrons for improved oral bioavailability of the antineoplastic phytomedicine berberine chloride: Optimization and pharmacokinetics. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 535 (2018) 316–324.


5.      Yosra S.R. Elnaggar, Manal A Elsheikh*, Ossama Y. Abdallah. Phytochylomicron as a Dual Nanocarrier for Liver Cancer Targeting of Luteolin: In-Vitro Appraisal and Pharmacodynamics. Nanomedicine (in press)


6.      Manal A Elsheikh, Yosra S.R. Elnaggar* , Dina Y. Otify, Ossama Y. Abdallah. Bioactive-Chylomicrons for Oral Lymphatic Targeting of Berberine Chloride: Novel flow-blockage assay in tissue-based and Caco-2cell line models. Pharmaceutical research. (in press)




1-      Alexandria University Award for publication in top 20 % of pharmacy and pharmacology and nanotechnology journal rank (ISI, 2012): International journal of nanomedicine 2012:7: 3787–3802 (2012).

2-      Alexandria University Award for publication in top 5 % of pharmacy and pharmacology ISI journal rank:  Journal of Controlled Release 194:  92–102 (2014)


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