Ahmed Nomir




Name:                                   Ahmed Galal Rizk Ali Nomir

Date of birth:                        2 September 1986

Place of birth:                       Beheira, Egypt

Marital state:                        Married  

Religion:                               Muslim

Nationality:                                    Egyptian

Present position:                    Assistant lecturer, Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Damanhour University, Egypt.

Address:                                Kafr El-Dawar, Beheira, Egypt

Mobile        :                          01098360984

Email:                                   drahmednomir@yahoo.com



1.    PHD  defense on 13th February 2017.

2.    MVS in Veterinary Anatomy (October 2011):Damanhour University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Egypt

Thesis Title: Neuroanatomy and morphology of masticatory apparatus.

3.    Bachelor Degree of Veterinary Sciences (BVS, May 2008):Alexandria University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Egypt




At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Damanhour University:

1.    Visiting Researcher at Graduate School of Dentistry, Osaka University December 2014 up till January 2017

2.    Assistant Lecturer of Anatomy & Embryology: 4/12/2011

3.     Demonstrator of Anatomy & Embryology: 17/2/2009  


1.  Gross and microscopic dissection of cadavers of the domestic animals

2.  Cast preparations, vascular injections 

3.  Light, Fluorescent and Scanning Electron Microscopy and tissue staining 

4.   Immunohistochemistry

5.  In situ hybrdization

6.  Western blotting

7.  PCR

8.  Cell culture


1.  Collaborating scientific research work (morphology of paranasal sinuses in the domestic animals) at the faculty of veterinary medicine, Alexandria and Damanhour University, Egypt; 2011-2012.

2.  Expression of molecules in the olfactory and gustatory structures of the domestic animals.

3.  Member of research team in the project No. (STDF-4840) under the title of (Mapping of influenza virus binding receptors in native breeds of chicken, ducks, turkey, geese, quail, and pigeons).

4.Member of research team in project under the title of (Establishment of Hepatitis C Awareness Media Unit) visit our web site www. Hcv-egypt.net No (STDF-3428).

5.  Attend the BMB 2015 meeting in Kobe from 1-4 Dec under title;Fate of Trps1-daughter cells during the cardiac development. Ahmed G. Nomir, Yuto Takeuchi, Junji Fujikawa, Makoto Abe.Dept. of Oral Anatomy and Dev. Biol., Osaka Univ. Grad. School of Dentistry

6.   Attend the International Symposium 2015 Oral and Craniofacial Development and Diseases December 10, 11, 2015, Suita, Japan. Under titleFate of TRPS1-daughter cells during the joint and cardiac development. Ahmed G. Nomir,Makoto Abe ,Yuto Takeuchi, Junji Fujikawa, Satoshi Wakisaka.

7.  “A novel transgenic mouse explains pleiotropic congenital cardiac defects of TRPS patients”Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Oral Biology, August 24-26, 2016, Sapporo, Japan.



1.  Ahmed G. Nomir, Ahmed S. Sayed-Ahmed and Ashraf A. Elsharaby (2011) Comparative Study of the Lamination and Arterial Blood Supply of the Masseter Muscle in Sheep and Dog. ALEX. J. Vet.,Sci., Vol.34,No. 1, August 2011 37.

2.   Ashraf A. El Sharaby, Samir A. El-Gendy, Mohamed A. Alsafy, Ahmed G. Nomir & Satoshi Wakisaka (2013) Morphological variations of the vallate papillae in some mammalian species. Anatomical Science International, DOI 10.1007/s12565-013-0215-9.

3.   Ahmed G. Nomir1,3, Yuto Takeuchi1,2, Junji Fujikawa1, Ashraf A. Elsharaby3, Satoshi Wakisaka1, and Makoto Abe1, “Fate Mapping of Trps1 Daughter Cells during Cardiac Development Using Novel Trps1-Cre Mice”, which appeared in Genesis 54 (7), 379-388, 2016.


Training attended  / Technical skills

acquired Place

Dates (from-to)

Fluorescent microscope  and receptor staining

Research Institute for Microbial Diseases Osaka University, Japan

September 2013

Photoshop  program

Damanhour University

April  2012


1.  Enhancement of academic skills


Training course on

In the period of


Communication Skills

7 -9 July. 2009


Quality Standers In The Education process

11-13 July. 2009


The Credit Hours System

18 -20 August. 2009


University code of ethics

2-4 February 2010


Use of technology in teaching

13-15 February 2010


Research Ethics

16-18 August. 2010


Effective Teaching

20 -22  Sept. 2011


Research Methods

27 -29  Sept. 2011


Effective Presentation Skills

1-2 october.2011


Competing for Research Funds

9-10 July 2014


University management

6-7 August 2014

These training courses completed in Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) Alexandria University, Certified by International Board of Certified Trainers- European Division (IBCT).

2.  Language:

1.  Mother language : Arabic

2.  English

1.  ILETS: 27/1/2013(Score:6/9)

2.  TOEFLCourse and passed the final exam on 31/7/2011 with General Grade Very Good) from THE ESP CENTRE OF ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY

3.  Computer

Certificate for having a successfully passed all modules required for granting ofthe International computer driving license syllabus version 4.




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