Name: Dr. Amira khames Garieb Ateya


Date of birth : 25/1/1982


Adress : Kom-Hamada El-behera, Egypt


Specialization : Medicinal and aromatic plants


Nationality: Egyptian


Mobile number : (02) 01145077089


Official email :

Articles Published in Scientific Journals

1. Amira K. G. Atteya and Abd El-Nasser G. El Gendy (2018). Growth, flowering and chemical compositions of Tagetes patula L.  plants as affected with naphthalene acetic acid and gibberellic acid. Bioscience research, vol. 15 Issue 2

2. Amira K. G. Atteya and Heba M. Amer (2018). Influence of Seaweed Extract and Amino Acids on Growth, Productivity and Chemical Constituents of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Plants. Bioscience research, vol. 15 Issue 2

3. Amira K. G. Atteya, Genaidy, E. A. E. and  Hamdy. A. Zahran (2018). Chemical constituents and Yield of Simmondsia chinensis plants as affected by foliar application of gibberellic acid and zinc sulphate  Bioscience research, vol. 15 Issue 3

4. Amira K. G. Atteyaand Abd El-Nasser G. El Gendy (2018). Impact of actosal and yeast extract on productivity and essential oil constituent of Zinnia elegans. Bioscience research, vol. 15 Issue 3.



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