Damanhour University: Education is an Essential Way to Confront Extremist Ideology


Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El Sayed Abdel Hamid - Vice President of Damanhour University for Postgraduate Studies and Research -

chaired the University Council for Education and Student Affairs, in the presence of deans of faculties,

to discuss and follow up the faculties plan for developing the education and students sector.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid focused on the recommendations of the meeting of the Supreme Council of Universities

and the need to implement the university plan regarding spreading correct ideas and confronting the negative effects of extremist thought.

He added that the university should present monthly reports to the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Universities about implementing these

recommendations. His Excellency also emphasized that Egypt follows a policy of developing the educational process and adding programs

to develop students' scientific thinking and link it to the needs of the labor market.