Holding the Periodic Meeting of the Deans Council at Damanhour University



The Council of Deans of Damanhour University was held today at the meeting hall in the administration building of the university

in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El Sayed Abdel Hamid - Vice President of the Universityfor Graduate Studies and Research,

Deans of Faculties, and the Secretary-General of the University.

The members of the council confirmed the readiness of all faculties to hold exams and implement all the precautionary measures,

such as wearing medical masks and keeping social distancing among students.

They also emphasized the implementation of Cabinet decisions regarding not allowing students

to exist inside the exam committees until presenting a certificate of obtaining the vaccine for the safety of everyone.

The recommendations of the meeting also included emphasizing that the council is in a permanent meeting

session until the completion of the first-semester examination work.