The Social Solidarity Unit at Damanhour University Implements an Awareness


Campaign to Celebrate Ramadan


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj - Minister of Social Solidarity,

and Prof. Dr. Elhamy Tarabees - President of Damanhour University -

and the supervision of Counselor Prof. Dr. Salah Hashem - Advisor to the Ministry of Social Solidarity for social policies

and the leadership of Mr. Ahmed Minesy - Coordinator of the Social Solidarity Unit at Damanhour University,

the team of the Unit and the Egyptian Volunteer Bank volunteer team at the Solidarity Unit implemented a celebration of Ramadan

to establish the culture of volunteer work within the university.

Ms. Israa Al-Sheikh - Responsible for Awareness Activities at the Unit-

and Mr. Abdel Rahman Harb - Responsible for Social Protection and Economic Empowerment-

and the heroes of the volunteer team from the Egyptian Volunteer Bank volunteers at the Unit distributed dates and messages of motivation

and optimism to put a smile on the students’ faces,

while educating the students about the role of the Social Solidarity Unit at the university.

Last Update : 29/03/2024 03:47 AM