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                    Rosetta Museum                



        Damanhour opera house   



             Rosetta stone



     Paromeos Monastery in Wadi Al Netroun



                Aquiduct Edfina



      King Farouk Palace in Edfina


Al Beheira Governorate occupies first place among the governorates of the Republicaccording to its area,
which is approximately 9,122 square kilometers. Its population
is five million people, and the percentage of higher education in the governorate is
estimated at 13% in the age group from 18 to 23 years, while the percentage of
university education in Egypt is 28%. Therefore, the university's role in advancing the
Al Beheira community appears to have great importance, as the university represents
the backbone of the sustainable development of the governorate, with the increasing
number of students obtaining high school diplomas annually, which exceeds 20,000
male and female students.
Therefore, the importance of the presence of Damanhour University and the
necessity of expanding existing faculties, as well as working to increase and diversify
them in a manner consistent with development plans in the various development
sectors in Al Beheira Governorate, becomes clear. He is also committed to achieving
cooperation between the university and many institutions in Al Beheira by linking
scientific research to the needs of the labor market and contributing to meeting the
needs of the various development and production sectors in Al Beheira Governorate.
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