Reframing Heritage Education in Egypt


 The project seeks to develop contemporary curricula in the field of reframing the education of cultural heritage in
Egypt by providing opportunities for students to obtain a diploma or master's degree in cultural heritage.
The project has two main objectives: The first is to build the capabilities of faculty staff members in teaching cultural
heritage, and the second is to improve the quality of higher education related to our heritage and enhance its
importance to the labor market and society.
The project focuses on cultural heritage, enhancing heritage education, improving the capacity of universities in Egypt,
and providing a multi-level educational program. It is one of the projects complementary to Egypt's plan within the 2030
strategy, including the sustainable development plan.
Reframing Heritage Education in Egypt
Report of 1st. Seminar organized by Damanhour Uni
Report of 1st. quarter
 Second quarter Report
Third quarter Report
 Fourth quarter Report
 Fifth quarter Report
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