Studies on complexes of group iib elements with some nitrogen donor ligands
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Abdou,Azza EL-Sayed Hassan


Studies on complexes of group iib elements with some nitrogen donor ligands/

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Azza EL-Sayed Hassan Abdou;Mohamed Abd -Elrhman Goher,Lila Elsayed.

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Alexandria University - Faculty of Science:

اسم الناشر:

Azza EL-Sayed Hassan Abdou,

تاريخ النشر:

1993 .



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This thesis comprises three chapters
In chapter 1 a survey on metal complexes of both 2-Benzoylpyridine and picolinic 
acid was given and mentioned. This survey clarified several points i) complexes of
both 2-benzoylpyridine and of picolinic acid have an important biological effects.
ii) Only few metal complexes of 2-benzoylpyridine have been reported. iii) Although 
a numerous of metal-picolinic acid complexes were prepared, gold(III) halide complexes
of this ligand have not yet been mentioned in the literature. iv) 2-Benzoylpyridine 
acts either a mono- or bi-dentate ligand in its complexes, whereas picolinic acid
behaves as bidentate ligand in the most of complexes, as monodentate in few others
and as tridentate one in three complexes only
Chapter 2 is devoted for the experimental part, we isolated complexes of types
(MX)2(2-Bzpy) [for M = CU(I), X = Cl, Br), M(2-Bzpy)X [M =Cu(I), X = Cl, Br, I,
SCN and N3), M(2-BzpY)2X2 [M = CU(II), X = Br, N3) and MI2[(Ind)H) where M = CU(I),
Ind = 9H-indeno[2,1-b)pyridin-9-one (which is the oxidative and cyclized form of 
2pyridine) . Different types of gold(III) complexes of both picolinic acid and 
2-benzoylpyridine were also isolated. NaAu(pic)2X202H20 [X = Cl, I), MAuX4.4(pic-H)
.2H20 [M. = K for X = Br and Na for X = Cl).



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Goher,Mohamed Abd -Elrhman

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