A Study On The Genecolgical Variations Of Some Annual Species In The Egyptian Deserts
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Bidak, Laila. M. Mustafa.


A Study On The Genecolgical Variations Of Some Annual Species In The Egyptian Deserts/

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Laila Mohammed Mustafa Bidak ; Supervised By Mohammed El Jawad Ayad, Laila Mohammed Sadiq, Alan Morton.

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The Present Study Aims To Assess The Differences In Both Morphological Characteristics And Genetic And Physiological As Well As Mquant Metabolism Among A Group Of Individuals In The Two Types Of Annuals Are The Baker And Perfumes Found In Different Geographic Locations and citizen environmental Mokhtlfahlmarafh the extent to which disparities sites geographical location and type of site environmental and classification of the groups on the basis of how similar including in the above-mentioned qualities.
The samples were collected from the seeds of various environmental groups, citizens and cultivated under conditions of uniform ring to assess the stability of the differences between these groups in the following generations.
For example, different form of terminal leaflet in the leaf and the fragrance of the leaflet in groups long narrow valleys to wide short leaflet groups in the desert road. When planting the seeds of the citizen environmental groups and geographic locations under different conditions of uniform annular change the shape of leaves in the group of valleys of a long and narrow to short and wide.


Botanical Sciences.

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Sadiq, Laila Mohammed,

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Ayad, Mohamed Abd EL Jawad,

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Morton, Alan,