Calculation Of Waves from Synoptic Charts For Estimating
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Mahar, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed.


Calculation Of Waves from Synoptic Charts For Estimating:

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The amount Of Sediment Transport Along The Nile Delta Coast/

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Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Mahar ; Supervised By Sayed Hassan Sharaf El Din.

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The surface synoptic charts of the Eastern Mediterranean sea area are used for obtaining data of wind direction and speed. Two daily surface synoptic charts were used, on every 12 hours at 0000 and one at 1200 G.M .T. for a period of 10 years, from 1980 to 1989. On these charts isobars were drawn to determine pressure system. In wave forecasting procedure we translate the meteorological data into wave data. When making forecast for shores of large bodies of water such as the Mediterranean Sea, the most common form of meteorological data used the synoptic surface weather chart.
To make the forecast, it is necessary to choose a fetch, to measure its length, and the decay distance, if any, to determine the wind speed and duration in the fetch. The generation of wind waves is almost due to the effect of winds of stable direction and speed, blowing for an extended period of time over large water areas.
The wind waves were predicted along the Nile Delta coast at five locations (ABU QUIR, Rashid, Burullus, Ras El Bar and Port Said). 
The CAS wave data of 1988 are used to carry out the comparison between the predicted and observed values of wave parameters at ABU QUIR and Ras El Bar.
Mathematical functions best describing the dependence between observed and predicted wave height, period and direction are developed from the regression analysis.


Seas And Oceanorgraphy.

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Sharaf El Din, Sayed Hassan,