Biochemical studies with some natural toxins
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Kishk, Amal Mohamed.


Biochemical studies with some natural toxins=

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دراسات بيوكيميائية علي بعض السموم الطبيعية /

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Amal Mohamed Kishk;Olfa Mohy El-Din Awad, Nabil Ahmed Mansour,Mahmoud Balba.

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Alexandria University Faculty of Science.

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Amal Mohamed Kishk,

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1995 .


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SUMMARY Avermectins (AVM) are a new class of structurally related antiparasitic agents 
isolated from soil organisms. These are a family of macrocyclic lactones, produced
by the soil organism Streptomyces avermi tilis which.were discovered in the mid 
1970’s as a result of a screening effect for natural products with anthelmintic 
properties. At present, avermectins are widely used for veterinary purposes,
but they are also considered as new and uniquely different products for the 
control of harmful mites and insects on a variety of crops. In addition
these compounds have other multipurposes use, as an antiparasitic drug and as 
a potential agent for 
!control of certain human tropical diseases (e.g
Onchocerciasis, ”river blindness”) Most striking of all, perhaps is the intense 
scientific activity triggered by the discovery of avermectin compounds.
In the fields of chemistry, microbiology, parasitology, entomology, biochemistry,
pharmacology and clinical and agricultural sciences, interest in the avermectins 
has been evolved rapidly
The purpose of this thesis is to elucidate some of the biochemical characteristics 
of avermectins to shed more light on their biochemical interactions and their mode 
of action as an~iparasitic and pest control agents. This type of studies will open
new avenues.



مؤلف فرعي:

Balba, Mahmoud.

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Mansour, Nabil Ahmed.

مؤلف فرعي:

Awad, Olfa Mohy El-Din.