Pharmacological studies on enrofloxacin Avitryl in chickens
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Ahmed, Mohamed Mohamed.


Pharmacological studies on enrofloxacin Avitryl in chickens/

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by Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed ; Supervision Mohamed Y. Koshaik, EL-Sayed A. ABD EL-Aziz, Mohamed H. Khairy, Ferial A. Soliman.

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Enrofloxacin residues in raw, boiled and fried eggs were investigated 
after administration of its recommended dose (10 mg/kg b.wt./day) orally for 
3 or 5 successive days to laying hens. Enrofloxacin residues were detected 
in albumin of raw eggs of 3 days treated group on the 2nd day of drug 
administration (O.14±0.01 ug/gm) with maximum concentration on the 1 st
day post drug withdrawal (0.19±O.01 ug/gm), then disappeared on the 4th 
day. In the yolk, it was detected on the 1~ day post drug withdrawal (0.13 
ug/gm) then disappeared on the 5th day. For 5 days treated group
enrofloxacin residues in albumin of raw eggs were detected on the 2nd day 
of drug medication (0.13 ug/gm) which increased gradually till reached its 
maximum concentration on the 4th and 5th day of drug administration (0.20 
ug/gm) , then disappeared on the 4th day post drug withdrawal. In the yolk
the residues were detected on the 4th day of drug medication (0.14±0.OI 
ug/gm) then disappeared on the 5th day post drug withdrawal
The effect of heat on enrofloxacin residues on boiled or fried eggs of 
the same previous egg samples indicated that,’ no drug residues could be 
The fertility% of incubated eggs of 3 and 5 days treated and control 
groups was 93.3 %, 93.8% and 91. 7% respectively during treatment and


Veterinary pharmacology.



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Abdel-Aziz, Elsayed A.,

مؤلف فرعي:

Khairy, Mohamed H.,

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Koshaik, M. Y.,

مؤلف فرعي:

Soliman, Ferial A.,