Preparation, Partial Characterization And Application As Dietary Fiber
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تصنيف ديوى: 664
المؤلف: Mohamed, Hala Mahmoud Bayomy.
العنوان: Resistant Starch RS3 :
بيانات أخرى: Preparation, Partial Characterization And Application As Dietary Fiber /
بيان المسئولية : Hala Mahmoud Bayomy Mohamed ; Supervisied By Hamid Morsy Ziena.
تاريخ النشر: 2011.
الحجم: 94 P. ؛
ابعاد الوعاء: 28 cm.
ملخص: Starches Have Been Used In The Food Industry For Numerous Applications. This Is Made Possible By Modification Of Native Starch To Improve Its Functional Properties Either By Physical Such As Heat Or Moisture Treatments Or Chemical Means Through Etherification. Esterification.Cross -Linking And Grafting Of Starch .Among The Properties Improved By These Treatments Are Low Shear Resistance . Thermal Resistance And High Retrogradation Potential .Alteration Of Functional Properties Of Starch Can Decrease Its Digestibility Due To The Formation Of Resistant Starch .Processing And Storage Conditions That Affect Gelatinization And Retrogradation Were Demonstrated To Influence RS Formation. The Development Of New Products Is A Strategic Area Of The Food Industry . Consumers Are Demanding Food That Show Two Main Properties .
الموضوع: Food Science And Technology.
الموضوع: Food Technology.
الموضوع: Food Science.
مؤلف فرعي: Ziena, Hamid Morsy,