Toxic Effects Of Some Pesticides On Rat In Absence And Presence Of Certain Drugs
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تصنيف ديوى: 547
المؤلف: El-Sayed, Sabah Rabie Mohammed.
العنوان: Toxic Effects Of Some Pesticides On Rat In Absence And Presence Of Certain Drugs :
بيانات أخرى: An Approach To Studying Interaction Between Pesticides And Drugs /
بيان المسئولية : Sabah Rabie Mohammed El-Sayed ; Supervised By Mamdouh Anwar Marzouk, Mostafa Abdel Latif Abbassy, Sameeh Abdel El-Kader Mansour.
تاريخ النشر: 2012.
الحجم: 113 P. ؛
ابعاد الوعاء: 28 cm.
ملخص: Pesticides are Occasionally Used In Discriminately In Large Amounts Causing Environmental Pllution And There Are Causes Of Concern . Residual Amounts Of Organochlorine And Organophosphorus Pesticides Have Been Detected In The Soil Water Bodies Vegetables grains and other Food Products . Toxicity Of Op and Oc Peticides Effects Many Organs Particularly The Nervous System. Other Systems That Could Be Affected By Op And Oc Pesticides Intoxication Include Liver And Kidney . These Are Reports Indicating That Several Pesticides Exert Their Biological Effects Through Electrophilic Attack On The Cellular Constituents Of Hepatic And Brain Tissues With Simultaneous Generation of reactive Oxygen Species . The Biochemical Effects Produced By Pesticides Can Be Enzyme Inductive Or Enzyme Inhibition . These Effects May Be Detected By Ensuring Biochemical Parameters As Measure In Various Body Fluids May Often Be Among The More Sensitive .
الموضوع: Chemistry.
مؤلف فرعي: Abbassy, Mostafa Abdel Latif,
مؤلف فرعي: Mansour, Sameeh Abdel El-Kader,
مؤلف فرعي: Marzouk, Mamdouh Anwar,