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Discussed (Completed) Theses Of Damanhour Univeristy - Faculty of science

1 Developmental and ecophysiological studies of euterpina acutifrons dana in the coastal watwes of alexandriaNour el din,Nehad mostafaPhDPDF
2 Biochemical studies with some natural toxinsKishk, Amal MohamedPhDPDF
3 Studies On The Fishery Biology Of Lizard Fish (Family : Synodontidae) In The Egyptian Mediterranean WatersFaltas, Samir NakhlaPhDPDF
4 Inverse Problem Of Electrical ResistivitySolyman, Samia GaberPhDPDF
5 Calculation Of Waves from Synoptic Charts For EstimatingMahar, Ahmed Mohamed MohamedPhDPDF
6 Heterocycles from Acenapthenequinones And FurantrionesMustafa, Mahmoud ShoukryPhDPDF
7 On The Solution Of Some Problems Of Integro-DifferentialEzzeddine, Nagla Hassan YoussefPhDPDF
8 Gravity Waves In Different Physical CircumstancesAhmed, Ahmed ZakiPhDPDF
9 Comparative Geological And Geophysical Studies On The Origin Of The Northern Egyptian Lakes And LagoonsAbo Shagar, Elssayeda Mohamed ElsayedPhDPDF
10 Geologic Studies Of Mineralized GranitesKhalefa, Omyma Mohamed MohamedPhDPDF
11 Conductance Of Uni-Univalent Electrolytes In Mixed SolventsEl Bardisy, Faten Fathy RagabPhDPDF
12 A Study On The Genecolgical Variations Of Some Annual Species In The Egyptian DesertsBidak, Laila. M. MustafaPhDPDF
13 Studies on complexes of group iib elements with some nitrogen donor ligandsAbdou,Azza EL-Sayed HassanPhDPDF
14 The reactions of some haloketones with nucleophilesHamada, Nagwa Mohamed MahrousPhDPDF
15 Studies on nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsFarahat, Omayma Osman MahmoudPhDPDF