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The faculty is now preparing to establish a central lab equipped with advanced facilities aiming to provide critical services for the neighbored farm animals in the vicinity of the faculty



The accreditation project of laboratory of "Food Safety and Nutrition", Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Damanhour University greatly serves the educational process and research. Therefore, it must contain a variety of devices and tools necessary to conduct 


tests, examinations and measurements of food and feed, water, drugs and tests for livestock and poultry, and fisheries according to nternational organization for standardization (ISO) and Egyptain Standard agreed upon between the employees of these branches of science.
Out of motivating and encouraging the demand for lab researchers because of their need for publishing in international scientific periodicals with high Impact Factor, as it prefers to take place this analysis and testing in the labs are supported - and in light of fierce competition at the global level and to achieve national goals of scientific research that Egyptian universities require.

It necessary for us to create a suitable environment for scientific research by providing accredited laboratory that serves on the level of the Egyptian universities especially Damanhour University of nascent feeling their way towards the competition between the Egyptian Universities and the global community and serve El-Behira Province.

Also a staff members and researchers from our faculty have published many researches in international journals and this was reflected by increasing numbers of faculty members who obtained the International Publication Award and University Award to encourage scientific research. Through the work of liaison relationships with manufacturing companies - Import and export of meat, dairy products, and feed mills, medicine and farms of animal production, poultry and fish, as well as civil society organizations and also the local administration to take advantage of the potential of the laboratory under the dependence on the analysis of food, fodder, drugs and water as well as pollutants of the environment of various heavy metals and remnants of chemical agricultural pesticides, which helps in making decisions and recommendations to resolve many of the problems of food, veterinary and environmental threats to the national economy.

In the project, staff members, teaching assistants and students will participate with the ability to join members from other faculties and in accordance with the workflow lab because it will serve the various university faculties as well as technicians and administrators who are lab as well as the proposed contract with them after work training and rehabilitation over the program, which helps in creating cadres able to elevate the process academic as well as service and community development through a comprehensive survey for the presence of microbial food poisoning, which costs the national economy huge sums as a result of the loss of the ability of individuals who have suffered diseases to work as well as large amounts of money used for the treatment. CDC, 2009, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced that the total loss as a result of diseases that occur via food (Foofd borne diseases) is from 5-6 billion $ each year. CDC, 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced that, the incidence of these diseases in developing countries (including Egypt) is 5 times what is happening in the U.S. So we can make a Predictive Microbiology and the development of a strategic plan to protect the community from these diseases as well as our national income from such great losses. 


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