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  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow Counseling and veterinary diagnostic services
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow Granting degrees (scientific Diploma - Master - Ph.D)
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow Labor market supply local and regional veterinary doctors
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Histology and Cytology department concerns primarily with teaching the undergraduate students -first and second grades- and postgraduate students the normal structures and functions of body cells, tissues, and organs. During the practical sessions the students are taught how to examine a histological slides or electron microscopical pictures in the normal status to be able to compare later with abnormal ones. We plan, and prepare now, to learn the students how prepare their own samples and histological slides to the step of examination under the microscope.

Staff members


Dr/ Mohamed Aref Ali Elnasharty

Associate professor

Head of Department


Vet. Dr/ Ahmed El_sayed Nor El_din

Assistant lecturer


Vet. Dr/ Asmaa Salah El_din Abo El_Nor

Assistant Lecturer


Vet. Dr/ Sahar Fayez Eid Mahmoud







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