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The mission of our department is to provide students the ability to:

1. identify and describe gross morphological features of body systems and parts

    of the domestic animals.

2. compare the body organs and tissues in different animal species.

3. To recognize principles of development from an ovum to a mature animal.


Graduate Education:

1. General  and comparative anatomy of the domestic animals including avian and 
    aquatic animals. We use systematic anatomy as the standard way of teaching
    during the first and second semester of the first year (i.e. Anatomy I & II) as
    well as the first semester of the second year (i.e. Anatomy III).

2. General and special embryology and the basics of developmental biology,
    which is given in the second semester of the second year 
(i.e. Embryology).
3. Applied anatomy of equines and ruminants is a two-semester course for the 
    4th year students (i.e. Applied anatomy).


Research Programs

1. General and comparative anatomy of the body systems and parts of the
    domestic animals.

2. Developmental anatomy of sense organs in the domestic animals.

3. Applied anatomy of the domestic animals.



Head of the department

 Prof. Ashraf A. El Sharaby


Department members

 Dr. Ahmed Saber

 Vet. Ahmed Rashwan

 Vet. Ahmed Galal

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