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Faculty Policies


Strategies for teaching and learning


Instill the values ​​of self-learning with continuous and promoted manner.

Instill the values ​​of cooperative learning.

The adoption of e-learning.

Respect for international rates in the proportions of students to the faculty staffs and physical facilities for learning.

Recommending the spirit of innovation and modernization and student learning how is the scientific thinking.



Curricula and courses

The respect of the academic standards of reference and seek to apply it optimally.

Review and internal and external evaluation of programs and courses.

Programs and courses specifications.

Conversion of the courses to electronic one.

Promote the use of information and communication technology in the tools and distance learning programs.

Provide an opportunity for departments to advance the scientific study programs in particular others.

The introduction of new topics and new scientific perspective to the latest technologies.


Student Support

Embrace students with high capacity and those with the ability to excellence and creativity and provide care to them.

Care for students with limited capacity and the provision of scientific support and material for them.

Develop admissions policies to achieve the greatest possible harmonization between the student’s wishes and the places available in different disciplines.

Provide all the facilities of teaching and learning and its maintenance.

Student interest as the most important faculty outputs.

Strengthening linkages between students and faculty members.

Support the university book.

Investigation of student complaints and resolved.

Health care for students.


Faculty staff members.

A - Activating capacity of the members of the teaching abilities by:

1 - Developing and strengthening the capacity and skills of the teaching faculty staffs.

2 - Provide a system of incentives and bonuses for faculty members and assistants.

3 - Providing health care fit in with the requirements of faculty members.


B - Activate the use of educational technology in teaching:

1 - Integrating IT education and strategies in the educational process.

2 - Develop the skills of faculty members on the use of techniques and methods of modern technology.


Continuous assessment

Increase the overall satisfaction of the parties included and related to the educational process.

Continuous assessment of the performance of faculty members and their assistants.

Continuous assessment of the effectiveness of teaching.


College policies in scientific research

Provision of scientific advice, and the development of scientific and practical solutions to the problems facing the community through research and studies that require government agencies prepared or civil.


Transfer and settlement of modern technology and participate in the development and adaptation to suit local conditions to serve the purposes of development.

Linking research goals of the University and development plans, and the dimension of duplication and redundancy and benefit from previous studies.

Development of a generation of distinguished researchers and trained to conduct original research of a high level, and through the involvement of graduate students and teaching assistants, lecturers and research assistants in the implementation of scientific research.

Continuous raise in graduate and postgraduate levels. "

Publish the results of scientific research in the journals publishing local and international media and to provide scientific documentation to facilitate the tasks of the researchers.

Cooperation with other scientific and research institutions at home and abroad by conducting research and exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Find ways and channels to encourage individuals and institutions to support and fund research projects to enhance the role of the university.

The provision of modern means of communication and the latest versions of scientific sessions, books and others.

Propose an annual research plan for the University, and the preparation of the draft budget the necessary preparation for submission to the scientific council.

Propose regulations, rules and procedures governing the movement of scientific research at the university.

Coordination of work between agent’s colleges for higher studies at the university, and work to eliminate duplication in their performance, and to promote joint research between departments and colleges to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of available materials.

Encourage faculty members and other researchers, urging them to conduct scientific research, innovation, and the creation of tools and research facilities for them, especially full-time sabbatical them scientifically, and enable them to conduct their research in an appropriate scientific atmosphere.

Create an information data base for ongoing research and ended at the university, research and exchange of information with universities and other research centers.


Faculty policies in the society service and environment development

Achieve integration and coordination in the efforts undertaken by the faculty of the University of the hand and the other hand, in the framework of the development plans of the state and plans to protect the environment and development, and community service.

Ongoing contribution to solving environmental problems and the development of environmental awareness.

Continuous communication with civil society and stand on its needs and orientations.

Continuous communication with institutions and companies operating in the veterinary field and beneficiaries.

Continuous communication with alumni.

Providing scientific support and training to all parties to the environment and society.

Arrange training courses to suit the needs of the community, depending on market requirements.

Encourage volunteer work in the field of community service and environment development.

Engage students and graduate students, faculty and staff in community service activities.

Adopt and support environmental activities and services.

Expand community service and development environment.

Integration with the policies of the college in the field of education and scientific research.

Advising services to institutions and factories.

Do laboratory experiments that you need institutions and factories with testimonials.

Workshops do what you need to produce productive institutions and educational bodies and other institutions.


Admission policies

Firstly, Admission Policy for first year students.

Determines the Supreme Council of Universities on the proposal of the Council of the university after taking the opinion of the Council of the college students of the sons of Arab Republic of Egypt among those with a high school diploma or certificates equation ( Arab and foreign ) .

Subject to the qualifying conditions for the acceptance of kidney determines the Supreme Council of Universities number of students who accept not the sons of Egypt, issued by accepting the decision of the Minister of Higher Education, and will be transferred and the transfer of their enrollment decision from him, and in any case shall not exceed the number of admissions or transferred in each college's 10% of the number of students admitted from the sons of Egypt.


Secondly, under the terms of the college student

He must have a high school diploma Scientific Section Division Sports year college acceptance.

He must have a certificate of completion of secondary equation (Arab or foreign).

He must have a high school diploma industrial system three years or five years.

These categories are nominated by students through the Office for the Coordination of university admission order degrees of success taking into account the geographical distribution as determined by the Supreme Council of Universities and after consulting the boards of universities, colleges and councils.


Third, the steps involved in being a student

The Office of the Coordination initiative to send lists of candidates and their files to each university then the university will in turn send these statements to the College of candidates to it.

Restricts the college student on the basis of an application submitted before the opening of the study and may not be constraint then only under license from the College Board within the limits of the rules determined by the University Council .

Are being met after the student leaves college and performance fees and after medical examination to prove it is free of infectious diseases and validity of the follow-up study, which leads them according to the rules, set by the Supreme Council of Universities and college boards.

The college is in a file for each student containing all the papers related to the student, and in particular:

Papers submitted to conduct enrollment

The statement of the conditions of student tuition and dates (registration and examinations and results and estimates).

Statement signed by the disciplinary sanctions.

Aspects of physical activity and social and military student.

The special register each student codifies the contents of the statement by the Public as well as the date of his release from the university and was caused by his work, and after graduation, and this is the record of two and kept one of them in college and the other in the university.


Transfer Policies

First, students Preparatory Division

Students may convert the band Preparatory School in the following cases:

If the student obtained a minimum total reached by college admissions and in the same age band Prep and was the college allows converting potential to be leveraged. And convert the consent of the kidneys.

If the student is holds a minimum total reached by college admissions may transfer the decision of the Faculty Council converter to it on the recommendation of General Medical Commission to his sick.

If the student is holds the minimum total reached by the admission to the college may transfer within the limits prescribed by the Supreme Council of Universities for admission to each college's applicant must have a high school diploma from a school that is located in the territorial scope of the university, according to the system and conditions established by the Supreme Council of Universities.


Second, other students in years

May transform students other years of college to its counterpart in the same university or another university with the approval of the kidneys competent. , Ali demanded conversion submit his application before the opening of the study in the college they wish to transfer to, and College Council may when absolutely necessary to accept the transfer after this date.

May be transferred under the student from one college to another is in the sights of the university or another university in the decision of the Council of the kidneys , and it provided that the age of winning high school meets the qualifying conditions for admission to the college obtained a total accepted by the college that year .

The student retains the advantages conferred by the fees paid by the university and the work of the year that followed and Examinations performed by, and so are not in conflict with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure of the converter to college.

Put in charge of the University Council rules governing the conversion and transfer students enrolled.

In all cases, the adoption of the conversion issue or transfer of enrollment decision of the President of the university, which has been the conversion or transfer them or who his deputy of his deputies?

Considered the rules approved by the College Board as conditions for the organization of an additional conversion process binding conditions when examining applications for conversion. 

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