Damanhour University Launches a Medical Awareness Convoy


in the Village of Biban in Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports



Under the esteemed guidance of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports,

Prof. Dr. Elhamy Tarabees, President of Damanhour University,

Prof. Dr. Maged Sho’ala, Acting Vice President for Education and Student Affairs,

and Prof. Dr. Mona Al-Sayed, Acting Vice President for Service Community Affairs and Environmental Development,

in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports,

the General Administration of Student Welfare at the University launched a medical awareness convoy to the village of Biban in the center of Kom Hamada.

The convoy provided medical examinations for 1,300 residents, covering various specialties.

Additionally, volunteers from the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse participated in a campaign to raise awareness

about the dangers of drug abuse, distributing informative leaflets about addiction, types of treatment, and psychological rehabilitation methods.

Prof. Dr. Maged Sho’ala emphasized that these initiatives reflect the University's ongoing commitment to community engagement and align

with the plan of the state and the President's directives to extend care and support to citizens in the most underserved areas and villages.



Last Update : 30/05/2024 01:55 PM