Damanhour University Council Praises the Regularity of the Examination Process


Today, the Council of Damanhour University convened under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Elhamy Tarabees, the University President,

alongside Vice Presidents, Deans of Faculties, University Advisors, and the Secretary-General.

The meeting focused on various aspects of the university's educational, research, and service processes.

Tarabees praised the presidential directives to generalize the establishment of professional development centers in universities

because of their important role in qualifying students and graduates for the labor market.

His Excellency also praised the regular conduct of the examination process in the university’s faculties,

stressing the speedy announcement of the final results to all students without delay.

The Council approved some decisions, including:

-   Exempting graduate students with audio and visual disabilities from the digital transformation course.

- Preparing a program to qualify university leaders by holding training courses at the university’s Center for Faculty and Leadership Development.

- Granting some academic degrees to diploma, master and doctoral degree students in the university’s faculties.

Last Update : 29/05/2024 09:54 PM