Within a Decent Life Initiative,


Damanhour University Implements a Comprehensive Convoy


in In theVillage of Manshyat Ragheb



In cooperation with Al Behaira governorate and the Decent Life Foundation, Damanhour University launched a medical,

developmental, awareness-raising convoy to thevillage of Manshyat Ragheb

under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elhamy Tarabees, President of the University.

Faculties of veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and education for early childhood participated in the convoy.

The veterinary convoy examined 90 cows and buffaloes. The nursing convoy also conducted a health assessment for 150 citizens.

As for the convoy of the Faculty of Pharmacy, it prescribed and dispensed many free pharmaceutical packages

to sick and needy residents of the village. The Faculty of Education for Early Childhood Convoy held an awareness seminar for children

and families about national unity and applied various methods to develop children’s skills.

The agricultural convoy diagnosed 14 cases of disease infections in onion, garlic, and clover crops.


Last Update : 16/11/2023 09:50 PM