Damanhour University Implements a Comprehensive Convoy


in Wady El-Natrounwithin a Decent Life



Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El-Sayed Abdel Hamid - Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Acting President of the University,

Damanhour University implemented a comprehensive developmental, awareness-raising, medical and veterinary convoy at the village of Tabarany in Wady El-Natroun Center

in cooperation with Hayat Karima and the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Al Beheira Governorate.

The faculties of veterinary medicine, Nursing, education, and education for early childhood participated in the convoy.

  The nursing convoy included blood pressure and blood sugar measurements for 29 citizens and health education for women about breast cancer, blood pressure,

diabetes, hepatitis, and the C virus. The veterinary convoy included examining several cows, buffaloes, and animals for internal, infectious,

and reproductive diseases and providing them with the necessary treatment.

The Faculty of Early Childhood Education convoy included applying a tool on visual perception for six children, on the parts of the Egyptian flag for thirteen children,

on developing skills for fifteen children, on healthy and unhealthy food for fourteen, and a tool on distinguishing between colors for sixteen children.


Last Update : 26/10/2023 10:43 PM