A Training Course on Community Pharmacy and Cosmetics


within the Activities of the First Forum of Students for Egypt at Damanhour University 



Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour - Minister of Higher Education,

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El Sayed - Vice President of Damanhour University -

and the leadership of Prof. Dr. Tayea Abdel Latif - Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for Student Activities -

the family of Students for Egypt at Damanhour University has organized a lecture on community pharmacy and cosmetics

at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the presence of Prof. Dr. Jamal Omran - Dean of the Faculty-

employees at the faculty and the administration of youth welfare, and representatives of "EIPICO" company.

Prof. Dr. Bassam Barakat - Founder of "Dr. Cosmo Academy"- presented the lecture.

He talked about community pharmacy and its development during the last 30 years and the suffering that students face in the labor market,

pointing to the importance of keeping pace with developments in this field.

He also talked about the skills needed to work in addition to what was studied.

He gave the students a set of tips and mistakes that should be avoided and the most important new technologies in the field.

He also talked about the importance of non-pharmaceutical products and that they represent an average of 60%-70% of the pharmacy’s sales,

and that there are many factors for the success of the pharmacy, such as sales analysis,

customer satisfaction, and pharmacy readiness, and not just the number of sales.