Following up the Regularity of Study in the Faculties of Damanhour University
Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El Sayed Abdel Hamid - Vice President of Damanhour University for Postgraduate Studies and Research -
visited the complex of scientific faculties and received by Prof. Dr. Enas Mohamed Ibrahim - Dean of the Faculty of Nursing -
to check the readiness of the faculty to start the second semester and to ensure the proper functioning of the educational process.
Dr. Abdel Hamid inspected the faculty’s halls and laboratories and congratulated the students on the occasion of the start of the second semester,
wishing them more success.
  His Excellency spoke with some students at the faculty about the importance of the Faculty of Nursing
and the competence of a graduate of Damanhour nursing and the areas available to them in the labor market.
His Excellency also confirmed that the Faculty of Nursing is the first faculty accredited by the Education and Accreditation Authority
and that it is in the process of international accreditation, wishing the faculty more progress.