For the Third Consecutive Week, 54,650 Students are taking Exams at Damanhour University


Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hamid El-Sayed Abdel-Hamid - Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Research and Studies -

confirmed the regularity of the first semester exams for the academic year 2022/2023, as 54,650 students from all faculties of the university

attended the exams. Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid explained that the correction work begins just after the end of the exam

for each subject in preparation for announcing the results on time immediately after the end of the exams.

He also stressed the university's keenness to harness all its capabilities to ensure the conduct of exams

in an atmosphere of comfort and calm for students. He emphasized the students' commitment to the established

rules and the presence of Chiefs of the examination committee and observers within the examination committees.