(University Students and the New Republic)


is the First Session of the Students for Egypt


Forum at Damanhour University


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid El Sayed Abdel Hamid - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research,

the activities of the First Forum for Students for Egypt got launched today,

and the first dialogue session in the forum entitled (University Students and the New Republic).

The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Mohannad El-Gayar - a member of the presidential program and coordinator of a decent life initiative in Al Beheira,

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fawzy Waly - Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information and Training Consultant for Students for Egypt,

Prof. Dr. Nabil Bakeer - Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Ms. Reham Khalil - responsible for preparing content for Students for Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Mohannad Al-Jayar presented the opportunity for volunteering in the decent life initiative and stressed the need to follow up

on all the projects implmented on the land of Al Beheira Governorate.

Prof. Dr. Nabil Bakeer urged students to participate in all university activities,

as it is the basis for instilling the values of loyalty and belonging to them. In conclusion,

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid honored Prof. Dr. Eman El-Emam for her lecture to simplify Science,

Prof. Dr. Mohannad Al-Jayar, Prof. Dr. Nabil Bakeer, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fawzy Waly,

Prof. Dr. Reham Khalil, the pioneering women in various fields and exemplary students at the university.