Ebeed Saleh: The Necessity for all University Affiliatesto Receive Immunization


before the Start of the New Academic Year 



Today, during the meeting of the Council of Deans, Prof. Dr. Ebeed Saleh - President of Damanhour University-

stressed the necessity for all university affiliates to receive immunization for the new Coronavirus before the start of the new academic year.

His Excellency focused on some main points during the council, including:


  • The implementation of precautionary measures, such as disinfecting faculties and providing the necessary disinfectants in all faculties and departments of the university.
  • Organizing a welcome reception a week before the start of the new academic year, during which awareness should get raised about the need to receive immunization.
  • Maintaining social distancing.
  • Announcing the time plan and schedules before the start of the academic year.
  • Checking all maintenance works in faculties before the new academic year, including elevators, halls, and laboratories.
  • Emphasizing the evacuation and fire plan and developing a well-thought-out and executable plan in the event of a crisis.