Damanhour University Organizes a Free Medical Convoy in Jawad Hosny Village


as a Part of the Presidential Initiative (A Decent Life)


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ebeed Saleh- President of the University-

Damanhour University organized a medical convoy in the village of Jawad Hosny in Abu Homs Center in cooperation with Ain Shams University Hospitals.

The convoy included many specializations, including human, veterinary, agricultural and awareness-raising,

and many other free services within the presidential initiative (A Decent Life).

Saleh stressed that the university seeks, through its developmental convoys,

to reduce the financial burden on rural citizens in poor villages.

He added that implementing these convoys is a part of the developmental plan of Damanhour University,

which is based on three axes; providing a better educational service,

developing the research process in a distinguished manner, and serving El Beheira community.

Saleh assured that organizing these convoys is one of the most important means of social and environmental service that provides free health,

social and educational services to all citizens.

He emphasized that these convoys reflect the university’s role in serving the community as it is a university with no fences.