Ebeed Saleh Emphasizes the Necessity of Applying a Smart Management System


for the University


Prof. Dr. Ebeed Saleh - President of Damanhour University - emphasized during the meeting of the General Managers of the university

and the secretaries of the faculties the importance of applying a smart management system according to the global changes

and developments to achieve success and creativity in various fields.

Saleh mentioned that the Smart University has benefits such as organizing communication and cooperation from anywhere

and at any time among all elements of the educational process,

enriching the education process and the research environment, and solving all problems of traditional learning.

The most distinguished goal of the Smart University is to build a new human being who learns and deals untraditionally,

seeks self-learning, loves to innovate and search for information by himself and is a producer of knowledge,

and has various skills and the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Saleh indicated that we should promote the administrative process by forming a management committee to activate the smart management

system in all departments and colleges, which leads to the development of the university as a whole.