(Healthy Food and its Role in Disease Resistance)


is the Title of a Lecture Given by the President of Damanhour University



Prof. Dr. Ebeed Saleh -President of Damanhour University- gave a lecture today entitled

(Healthy Food and its Role in Disease Resistance) for first-year veterinary medicine students.

His Excellency discussed the basics of appropriate human nutrition and methods of preventing diseases.

Saleh explained the wrong nutrition methods and how to protect ourselves against types of food that are most susceptible to bacteria and microbes,

such as meat, dairy, and their products.

His Excellency also talked about the most and the least essential types of food according to food classification

in the food chain to develop the right food culture among the new generation and increase awareness of developing human immunity.

Saleh referred to the aged people and those with chronic diseases and their proper nutrition.

He also discussed the importance of plant and animal health and how to produce food well.