The University’s Role in Supporting Students with Disabilities “Services Center for Students with Disabilities at Damanhour University”


The center seeks to create an inclusive and attractive educational environment freeof obstacles for students 
with disabilities and provide equal educational opportunities and available educational means
to achieve their independence.
   - Creating an environment that is psychologically available and appropriate to different disabilities.
  - Providing available scientific material that suits the nature of different disabilities.
  - Creating an educational and technologically supportive environment for students with disabilities.
  - Integrating students with disabilities into various university activities.
  - Training faculty staff members and employees on the proper manners of dealing with students with
  - Encouraging students with disabilities to innovate and create in a way that develops their abilities to keep
pace with the requirements of the labor market.
  - Including the issue of disability as part of academic curricula to spread awareness of this issue.
The role of Damanhour University in supporting students with disabilities Service Center for Students with
Disabilities .
According to the instructions of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi - President of the Republic -
to care for people with disabilities and provide them
with the best services, Prof. Dr. Elhamy Tarabees - President of the University -
emphasized the university’s keenness to help students with disabilities,
meet all their needs, provide support to them and solve any problems they may encounter.
His Excellency indicated that the university seeks to remove all cultural, material,
social and other barriers as the university opens its doors to its students to advance
them scientifically, academically and practically to serve their community.



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