Gehan Ibrahim Khalil Marei, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Plant Protection

Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory, Damanhour University, Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt.

Phone: +2-01064548746; fax: +2-045-3316535;






Name ofInstitution

Field of Study


Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University-branch Damanhour, Egypt.

Pesticide chemistry and Toxicity



Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University-branch Damanhour, Egypt.

Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology



Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University-branch Damanhour, Egypt.

Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology






Appointment: Research and Teaching


Short Biographical

The research interests in my laboratory focus on isolation and identification of natural products from plants and algae. Currently, my lab is working on using natural product, which isolate from plants against pathogens and test the antifungal agents from natural sources, which prevent the contamination of food by controlling the growth of Aspergillus flavusAspergillus flavus plays a role as contamination in food. It is especially a flatoxins. In addition, we are interested in determine the effect of sub-acute fungicides exposure in the liver, kidney and testes male rats and reducing the harmful effect of fungicides by using natural product as plant extracts which has antioxidant effect.



Research Interests

·      Investigate the antibacterial and antifungal potentials from extracts of plants and algae.

·      Understanding the structure and biosynthesis of plant natural products by various chromatographic separation devices GC-Ms and HPLC and GC.

·      Investigate harmful effects of pesticides on non-target insects (beneficial insects).

·      Investigate Natural plant products and extracts as antioxidants to reduce the impact of pesticides.



·         Physical and Inorganic Chemistry.

·         General Organic Chemistry.

·         Analytical Chemistry.

·         Chemistry of Aromatic Compounds.

·         Pesticide Analysis.

·         Safe Control of Protected Cultivation.

·         Fungicides.




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