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 Effect of pomegranate peel powder on the hygienic quality of beefsausage

 Ebied, A. Saleh1, Alaa. M. Morshdy2,Abd-El-Salam E. Hafez2

 Mohamed A. Hussein2, and Eman S. Elewa


Bacteriological Quality Assessment of Pagha fish (Trachurus Indicus) in Suez

city fish markets

Essam. G. Rahal; Hosny A. Abd El Rahman; Soad A. S. Ismail


Histamine producing bacteria and biogenic amines in retail markets cultured fish

Amany F. Zayed*; Al Shimaa A. Sleim** and Riad Hassan Khalil***



Incidence of some pathogenic bacteria in selected meat products

from retail outlets in Alexandria Province

Amin M. Omara*, Mahmoud M. Shabana** and Ibrahim A. Samaha**


Biogenic amines in some meat products

Alaa Eldin M. A. Morshdy, Mohamed A. Hussein, Mohamed T. El- Abbasy

and Essam, S. Abouelkheir


Effect of some decontaminants on E. coli in chicken fillet

Alaa Eldin M. A. Morshdy, Ahmed E. Tharwat, Mohamed A. Hussein and Basma A. Fakhry


Chemical and Microbial Properties of Egyptian Traditional Salted Warmed Fermented

Tobar Fish product- Fesikh

Hesham Fawzy Amin, Omaima Maamoun Ahmed, Mofeeda Tolba Attia


Chemical and microbiological quality of ewe’s milk

Abo El-Makarem, H.S.


 Bacteriological Studies of Raw Cow's Milk in Zagazig Markets

Salah F. A. Abd-El Aal; Ibrahim H. Amer; Mohamed A. H. Mansour and Reem M. M. Algendy

Food Control Department-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Zagazig University, Egypt 


 Camels' meat and offals as vehicles of E. coli and Salmonella with special emphasis on their zoonotic importance

Mohammad A. Nossair*, Ibrahim A. Samaha* * and Eman Khalifa*** 


Prevalence of listeria organisms in raw milk and some dairy products

Ahlam, A. EL-Leboudy*; and El Asuoty, M.S. ** and Saber, A.S**


Detection of Bacillus cereus in Raw and Pasteurized Milk Sold in Local Market

of El-Behera, Egypt

Maria El-ansary


Biogenic amine levels during Ras cheese ripening

Abo El-Makarem, H.S. and Amer, A.A.


Influence of addition of probiotic bacteria to yoghurt on survivability of

some food borne pathogens

Rania M. Kamal*; Salah F. A. Abd El Aal; Magdy S. Elsayed and Rana M. Abdallah

Food Control Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt


Aluminum and Tin levels in imported canned dairy products

Madeha A.H. Ayoub, Mohamed A. Bayoumi, Asmaa B.M.B. Tahoun* and Samah A.H.S. Sakr


Toxogenic Staphylococcus aureus in ready to eat foods in Sharkia

Alaa El-din M.A. Morshdy; Adel I. El-Atabany, Ahmed E. Tharwat and Mohammed Awaad Rezk.

Food Control Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Zagazig 44519, Egypt


Prevalence of Foodborne Bacteria in Minced Meat and Baladi Sausage in Zagazig, Egypt

Morshdy, A.M.1; Hafez, A.E.1; Elabbasy, M.T.1and Yomna Fatahalla, E.D2

1Food Control Dept.-Faculty of Vet. Medicine-Zagazig University-Zagazig, Egypt

2Vet. preventive medicine, Zagazig University-Zagazig, Egypt



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