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Department of surgery aims to prepare veterinarians and veterinary specialists to use all surgical knowledge including surgical affections and surgical operation to treat and to induce surgical intervention whenever possible for health care of patients. The surgical affections include surgery of digestive, urogenital and respiratory systems, ophthalmology and lameness as well

as the general surgery.

Also students of the 4th and 5th    years are expected to acquire a good

knowledge about veterinary radiology (general and special) to diagnose

and treat all affections of the bones, joints and viscera.  

Head of the department

Dr/Ahmed Nasr Elkhmary

Department members


Vet/ Mohamed Ali Azab Mashaly

Vet/ Esam Gaber Almensgawy

Vet/ Adel Sobhy Ali 

Graduate Education 


1. General  Principles of Surgery and Anasthesia: Two semesters

    (4th year students).

2. Special Surgery (Radiology and Regional surgery):  Two semesters

    (5th year students).


Research Programs
1. General principles of surgery

2. Anesthesia

3. Radiology

4. Regional surgery

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