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Nowadays, food hygiene (meat and milk products) is more than a purely medical term. The research activities mainly focus on interactions between man and his environment and the effects of these interactions on health.

This department’s main function lies in providing governmental authorities with scientific administrative support, notably Food Safety Authority, on food safety and feed hygiene


Responsibilities are held for:

  • laboratory contingency plans, reference functions, analytical work (e.g., functions component in programs for surveying and monitoring foreign chemical and microbiological agents in feed and food)

  • advising on risk assessments of feed and food

  • diagnosing malnutrition, poisonings, ringworm, and mycosisa in animals

  • risk assessment; particular focus on contaminants.


Graduate Education
1. Meat hygiene: Two semesters (5th year students)

2. Milk hygiene: Two semesters (4th year students).


Research Programs
1. Meat hygiene

2. Milk hygiene

These subjects deal with the following:

  • mycology, mycotoxin chemistry and toxicology

  • qualitative and quantitative determination of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and feed

  • allergens in food

  • algae toxins, zoonoses, and other pathogens in the food chain, including organically cultivated products, as well as environmental toxicology

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