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Chancellor of University of Damanhur Attended


Graduation Party of 3rdClass of Faculty of Nursing for 2015


& 2ndEmployment Meeting


Working Hard, Honesty &  Encouraging Humanitarianism


Our Country's Renaissance factors








Prof. Dr.\ Ebied Saleh (University Rector) Attended Graduation Party of 3rd Class of Faculty of Nursing & 2nd Employment Meeting,



in attendance of Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Board of Faculty, a group of Staff members, Medical Organizations, Nursing Associations,



Military Medical Institutes  & Graduates'Families.




University Rectorhad congratulated the graduates, as he expressed about his deeply gratitude to their families who suffered to achieve



this success, and advised them  the to keep on touch with their own University;  and mentioned University role



in improving patriotic soul in our youth through spreading out values of loyalty & belonging and awareness of the meanings



and values of discipline & commitment in their lives also the awareness of importance ofdiscipline & self-respect in both of



private and general behavior and determining their aim to rise up and protect our beloved Egypt.




























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