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      Damanhour University

             Faculty of Agriculture

             Department of Natural

             Resources &Agricultural Engineering



Studies of Raise The Efficient Use of Land Resources


( Ghieta - Abo Almatameer - Beheira Governorate )




1- Field Studies


2- Physical and Chemical Properties of The Lands of Al Drrasa Area

(2-1) Soil Texture - (2-2) Desgination of The Soil's Ability To Store Water - (2-3) Total Dissolved Salts

(2-4) The pH of The Soil Suspension (2-5) The US. Division of Lands


3- Needs Assesment of Gypsum and ًWashing For Land Reclamation


4- Estimate Water Needs of Agricultural Crops


5- Cadastral Operations

(5-1) Stacking of Boundary Markers and Determine The Geographical Coordinates (Table-7)

(5-2) Set Levels Lifting Points Arial and Determine The Geographical Coordinates (Table-8)

(5-3) Drawing digital elevation model ( DEM )


6- Excavation and Backfill Cubes Account


7- The Current Use of The Territory of The Study Area





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