• White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow was established in Damanhour in 1984
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow50 Kms in the west
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowcontributes in community service & developing environment
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowdonnats scientific degrees (Diploma, Master & Ph.D.)
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowholds training sessions for workers
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowsimester is 15 weeks

Quick News


The Study Phase System Bachelor :


College Includes Total of Eight Scientific Sections and That The Graduation of Agricultural Engineers in Various disciplines Depending on Advanced Programs of Study Which is Characterized By it Profiles The Following Basic :


1- Apply Semesters System.

2- The Period of Study in The Semester 15 Weeks.

3- The Introduction of Humanitarian Subjects Within Teaching Hours.

4- Curriculum Development and Changes to Suit The Requirments of Socity

5- Emphasize The Need Familiarity Graduate Aspects Applied and Get The Appropriate Amount of Practical Training Inside and Outside  The College Through The Summer Training for Second and Third Division.




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