• White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow was established in Damanhour in 1984
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow50 Kms in the west
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowcontributes in community service & developing environment
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowdonnats scientific degrees (Diploma, Master & Ph.D.)
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowholds training sessions for workers
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowsimester is 15 weeks

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Historical Overview


Faculty of Agriculture is One of The Colleges in Damanhur University, It Was Established in The City of Damanhur in 1984 AD To Serve Beheira Governorate From A Scientific Point, Where are Attended By Students of Beheira Governorate And Its Neighboring Areas Who Wants To Study Agricultural Sciences .

As Well As To Provide Technical Services in Various Fields of Agricultural Companies and Farmers And Graduation Technical Staff  From The Various Recipients of Degrees ( Bachelor - Diploma - Ph.D ) in All Agricultural Areas And And Contribute To The Community Service And Environmental Development  And It Includes An Educational Buildings ( Damanhour - Dalangat ) And Agricultural Research Station in The Beheira Governorate Wich is 50 KM South of Damanhur City .







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