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Writing Rules


Form to Writing Research in English



1 - Margins :

a- Upper and Lower Margins 5.6 CM

b- Sidelines of The Right and Left


2- Text Type :

 Write The Paper With ( Times New Roman ) And As Follows :


a - Title :

Be In The Middle Of The Line And A Text Size (13) With (Capital Characters)


b - Authers:

Be In The Middle Of The Line And A Text Size (10) With (Capital Characters)


c - Authers Titles :

Be In The Middle Of The Line And A Text Size (9) (Normal Characters) 


d - Abstract :

ABSTRACT Word Must Be In The Center Of Line And Text Size (12) And (Capital Characters)

The Text Summary Shall Be Brief And One Paragraph And Includes The Most Important Obtained

Resuits With Bold (12) Text Size,While Leaving The Distance 0.5 CM From The Left And Right

Paper Margins In Addition To (1) CM Only In The First Line

ِAfter Abstract Put Into Key Words With Normal Text Size (10)


e- Introduction:

Introduction Word Must Be In The Middle Of Line With Capital Characters and Text Size (12)

The Introdution Text Shall Be (12) Text Size Normal, In The Case Of Side Titles Shall Be In The Left Of The Page

And The First Of Them Must Be (11) Text Size and The Second Must Be (10) Text Size, In The Case Of Outsourcing 

References Predecessor Write The Auther's Name Followed By The Year Of Publication in Parentheses.


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