• White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow was established in Damanhour in 1984
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshow50 Kms in the west
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowcontributes in community service & developing environment
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowdonnats scientific degrees (Diploma, Master & Ph.D.)
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowholds training sessions for workers
  • White peafowl : Javascript Slideshowsimester is 15 weeks

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           Damanhour University

            Faculty of Agriculture

              Scientific Magazine


Publishing Costs


Egyptian Others
It will be charged $ 150 EGP costs until research is published dozens of pages 10 pounds
For each page Additional even twenty pages 0.5 pounds for each page Additional afterwards.
The $ 150 cost of the deployment of US dollars Find even twenty pages , ten dollars for each page Additional afterwards.
Researchers and get 10 free copies for each search while can get additional copies of paid two pounds per search per copy .





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